Before and after redesign

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Problem: The original website, intended for both educators and elementary children, was pieced together with mismatched graphics, cluttered, and was not mobile responsive. This created a confusing user experience.

Solution: We redesigned the website to be mobile-friendly, uncluttered, and created custom graphics to attract the target audience. We hand-drew the icon set to match the hand-drawn look of the logo, overall giving a cohesive look for the brand. We turned the content on the inner pages into activities to engage children in learning about litter’s implication on the environment.

The client has received both an increase in website traffic and engagement since our redesign in just a few months. We continue to work with Litter Awareness on expanding the content and functionalities of the website. Check out!

Custom Hand-Drawn Branded Graphics

We hand-drew this custom icon set to match the hand-drawn look of the organization’s brand. By adding custom graphics the organization was able to differentiate their brand and attract their target audience easier.

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