At Fusion Design we treat every project uniquely and apply a process that solves the specific problems our clients are facing.

  • 2. Project Outline

    We gain an understanding of your needs, provide solutions, and narrow down the tasks at hand with a clear outline of deliverables and deadlines.

  • 3. Partnership

    Our journey begins to solve your challenges and strengthen your business. Frequent communication is key as we work together to meet your goals.

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Our Website Design and Development Process

Initial Steps

  • Strategy meeting – We’ll meet to discuss and reinforce your business and website goals and outline the website creation workflow including tools for content gathering and project management.
  • Brand and identity, color palette, fonts – If you don’t have a strong, established brand, we’ll work with you to find your voice and create your business identity.
  • Hosting, domain, email details – We’ll help strategize the perfect domain and acquire the right hosting for your website.

Content Gathering

  • Visuals – You’ll provide all the assets, images, photos, and videos you’d like to use. We can also create assets for you.
  • Copy – You’ll provide the messaging to include on each page. We can also assist in copywriting for your business.

Design Process

  • Sitemap outline – Together, we will identify each page you need, along with a hierarchy of navigation.
  • Homepage, inner page structure – We’ll present these items early in the process for your review and feedback.
  • Content population – We’ll add all your text, images, videos, and animations.
  • Asset creation – We can create and design elements to reinforce your brand including logo design, banner images, custom icons, infographics and animation.
  • Responsive design – We’ll ensure your site looks great on all screens including desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices including tablets, iPads, and phones.

Development Process

  • Functionality – We will add all the necessities, including ecommerce, security, membership, and social integration.
  • Testing phase – This is when we check all the links, shopping cart process, etc., and then debug for proper functionality.

Edits and Revisions

  • Nitty-gritty – You’ll review all content for grammar and spelling issues.
  • Additions and edits – This is for any last-minute content and visuals.

Going Live

  • Google Analytics integration – We’ll add this tool to start tracking data on your visitors and their actions on your site.
  • It’s time! – Once you say “go,” your site will begin to propagate, and within 48 hours will be up throughout the Internet.

Follow Through

  • Training – A screen sharing meeting may be scheduled via Zoom to review the backend of your site on how to make edits and add content.
  • Ongoing Maintenance – Your site will always need to be monitored for updates and content changes. We offer additional ongoing maintenance and website support plans.

Time Frame

We’ll agree on a window of time for the website creation phase, depending on your site requirements. This window is typically 30 days, however we can get your website up and running in less time if needed.

Ready to get started on your website?