printing is dying image

In 2003 the president of a local printing and marketing company here in Connecticut said in our yearly company meeting, (I know, you’d think he would hold them at least twice a year) “Printed matter will never die, because of the three B’s.”

Three B’s? What the heck is that? “The Bedroom, the Beach, and the Bathroom.” Oh, ok. So all the employees took a deep breath with the feeling of eternal job security, because there would always be a need for printed matter in the bathroom, beach, and bedroom.

Only a few years later technology advanced and e-readers such as the Kindle and the Nook emerged which blew that whole 3B theory out of the water. I mean, how many of us cuddle with Kindle in our beds at night? They are also easily read anywhere outdoors, even the beach. And Nookin’ in the bathroom, well… I’ve heard it’s been done. Nevermind the fact that websites are being designed these days to be read on any smart phone with ease.

Now every best seller and its author’s entire library of publications has been translated to 0’s and 1’s for quicker and more efficient reach to readers. Every major newspaper and magazine is online in digital format and subscriptions to the printed form are swirling down the toilet. Owners of print shops large and small are starting to sweat at the brow, and to stay afloat are attempting to quickly specialize in other types of marketing and communication tools.

What will still always be needed in the printed form? Let me get out my iPad and voice in a few more thoughts.